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Everyone at their core, wants to make a difference in this world, no matter how big or how small. You wouldn't be in business if you weren't a problem solver at some level.

It's hard to get your message out to the world without a solid brand doing the heavy lifting for you right?!

BRANDED brings you the latest in :

  • Branding, because we're all about getting you seen, heard, connecting and converting!
  • Business, sure, you might be new, unsure or overwhelmed but we got you!
  • Lifestyle, because YOU matter!
  • Mindset, because THIS matters!
  • Finance - Let's open this conversation up!
  • + More
Simone Griffiths, Personal Brand Mentor, Million Dollar Brander, Personal Branding, Personal Branding Coach


Exclusive Content You Won’t See Anywhere Else

Leading Expert Contribution

World Leaders coming together to share their KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE in every issue.

Because we get a google search is not exactly expert info now is it!

Relative and Current Info

No one likes boring... That is why BRANDED is always filled with relevant and current information that you can use in your own brands and business straight away!

Community First

We love our community which is why we offer you a chance for your brand to be featured to our subscribers each month.

Because who doesn't want free media and publicity!

Because we're PRO YOU!

You may not realise this yet, but you have a Million Dollar Brand in you and if this magazine gets you taking action, even just one step closer then that means the world to us!

So we're gonna fill it to the brim with things that encourage you to be your best!

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Simone Griffiths, Success mentor, Results based business, million dollar empire, business growth, branding, brand school, MDB Method, Million Dollar Brand
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